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We select high quality Coffee Beans from our own coffee plantation It will grow in maximum shade & flavor which is result in best taste and aroma. We roast our coffee beans by using German roaster of every at right temperature in a very controlled condition. At every stage of processing & marketing we put to use state – of – art technology & expert manpower recourses taking care of every aspect of coffee – taste flavor, aroma, body, strength and aftertaste.

Filter Coffee

Filter coffee drink is made by mixing frothed and boiled milk with the decoction obtained by brewing finely ground coffee powder in a traditional Indian Filter.

Type of Beans :

A dark coffee beans display a lot of visible oils. The oil is rich with anti oxidants and attributes a lot of the flavor to the darker roosted blends.

Coffee Consumption decreases the risk of colorectal cancer also aid fort burning.

Coffee can help people less tired and increase energy level because it contains coffee time. Coffee improved various aspect of brain function. This includes memory, mood, vigilance, energy levels reach on time.

South Indian filter coffee is very famous for its aromatic filter coffee. South Indian coffee is milky and is served hot in a traditional

South Indian Coffee is brewed in a coffee filter.

  • Coffee consumption may cut stroke risk by as much as 25%
  • Studies have linked coffee consumption can reduce the risk of numerous cancer.

Anti-Oxidant & Anti- Mutagenic properties

Coffee drinkers reportedly have significantly decreased risk of developing depression.

Arroba ly ground coffee beans are the basic of delicious filter coffee. We "Arroba Coffee" have censured that the equipment is simple to use and to maintain.

We are one of India’s leading integrated vending service providers, using our innovative machines and beverages to provide a wonderful service experience. The user friendly technology, quality control and excellent after-sales service are the vital features that have made “Arroba COFFEE” VENDING a trusted name.

Arroba milk filter coffee vending machine. Fully automated digitalized control board – powder to coffee technology

Milk is pumped with a special pump for the hygienic purpose and as well will not get blocked while dispensing

Automated decoction preparation, setting option for various volume of decoction, upto 3.0 liters (500 gms of coffee powder) of decoction

Hot water tank capacity 3.5 liters, water will be pumped from water can

External 5 + 5 liters = 10 liters capacity Milk boiler, easy to remove and wash

Suitable for 24/7 operations with a speed of 5 to 6 cups per minute

Beverage dispensed can be tracked with digitized counting

Options Available In the Machine

  • a) Coffee (South Indian Filter Coffee Without Froth)
  • b) Cappuccino (Italian Strong Coffee with Silky froth)
  • c) Espresso (Black Coffee)
  • d) Café Latte (Italian Light Coffee with silky froth)
  • e) Hot Milk (Hot Milk without froth)
  • f) Hot water (For Black tea/soup)
  • g) Steam (For reheating coffee/milk)
  • h) Menu (For programming & setting )

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