“Arroba COFFEE” Royal Brew Filter Coffee & Tea Machine

Model No Royale Brew FCT 400
SS 304 Decoction Collector & Brewer,Milk Boiler,Dispenser
Water Filling Automatic
Water Tank Capacity 10 Litres
Milk Boiler Capacity 5+5 Litres
Initial Startup Time 25 Minutes
Powder Capacity 400gms(Each Coffee & Tea)
Dispensing Rate 5 cups/minutes
Cleaning Auto Clean with No. of cycles
Plug Type 15A Plug- Round pin
Dimensions (L*W*H) 18.3"*19.6"*23"
Net.Wt/Gr.Wt 40kgs/41.5kgs

Options available Royale Brew – FCT 400 machine

  • Strong Filter Coffee
  • Light Filter Coffee
  • Black Coffee
  • Strong Filter Tea
  • Light Filter Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Hot Milk
  • Hot Water

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